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No additional Oracle licenses required to use this freeware software! No OEM, or Performance/Diagnostic packs needed.

Lab128 Freeware version.
The ultimate tool for Oracle real-time monitoring.

Lab128 freeware is an important tool for DB administrators, developers, and performance specialists.
It shows what Oracle instance is doing at the moment, how resources are used,
how it is executing long running queries, and many other Oracle internal functioning.
This is valuable both in production and development environment.
When developing or troubleshooting large queries, this tool is indispensable because it can
uncover ongoing performance problem without waiting for the query to complete.

To run Lab128 freeware: download the zip file below; uncompress into some directory; then start lab128fw.exe digitally signed file.

LAB128 FREEWARE (64-bit), version 1.8.13
Regular Installation,
Digitally signed .msi setup file,
also includes OCI
as optional feature:
lab128fw-64-v1813.msi Length: 18,022,400 bytes
LAB128 FREEWARE (32-bit), version 1.8.13
Portable installation: Length: 4,561,175 bytes
SHA1: 10fe44dc00fa644c084bda585e1d94a0ca78f3b3

This free version is based on Lab128 Advanced Monitoring and Troubleshooting tool.
Table below shows differences between these two versions.
And remember, if your needs outgrow the scope of real-time monitoring,
you can download Lab128 with free trial period.

Features Lab128 freeware Lab128 premium version
Number of monitored instances 2 unlimited
Sessions window check check
Tablespaces window check check
Locks and locked objects window check check
Transactions window check check
Other real-time monitoring screens check check
Reports check check
SQL Central check check
Clusterware Commander check check
SQL Explorer / SQL Statistics History   check
Single SQL History   check
Activity Explorer / Active Session History   check
Single Session History   check
Buffer Explorer   check
Saving Performance data into the file   check
Creating Reference Loads and comparing loads check check
Stage and Fix SQL Statement check check
Capture and store Execution plans   check
CDB Support check check
Oradebug option check check

See also System requirements and supported Oracle versions.

Oracle 10053 Trace Viewer (v10053.exe)

Oracle 10053 trace event provides information on how the Cost Based Optimizer (CBO)
came to its decision (the final execution plan).
This is often helpful troubleshooting “bad” SQL execution plan.
Unfortunately, 10053 trace files can be enormous.
This free viewer will help you navigate quickly to the most important sections of the trace file.
Also it highlights section headers and formats the transformed final query for enhanced readability,
see screenshot.

Start this digitally signed executable file v10053.exe, then open trace file using standard Open File dialog.
Alternatively, indicate .trc file in the command line:

v10053.exe filename

Please send your comments and suggestions to:  general AT

V10053, version
Oct-2013, Freeware
Digitally signed exe file: v10053.exe
Length: 1,806,048 bytes

File integrity and Digital code signing

We are using a code signing certificate from Comodo.
The EXE files are signed using Microsoft Authenticode technology.
In order to check file integrity and authenticity, download it first (don’t open it), then
in Windows Explorer right-click on the file and select Properties. Check under “Digital Signatures”
to verify that the name of the signer is 128 Consulting. If you use Windows XP, SP2 or later,
you will be presented with the signature automatically once the executable is started.
For more details, see How Code Signing Works.