Lab128 Support Options

Currently, we offer support through e-mail only, free of charge. We will try our best to reply in one business day. Please send you inquiry to  support AT lab128 DOT com . Whenever pertinent to the problem, supply the following information:

Optionally, if the problem is accompanied by stack dump files "send_to_tech_support_*.log", sending these files can essentially help in diagnosing the problem. Lab128 can generate these files in the working directory. If you are not sure about location of the Lab128 working directory, start the application and then use Main Menu | Help | Working Directory.

The defects in Lab128 are fixed free of charge. The support for the current release expires in two (2) years. After that the best way to deal with the problem is by upgrading to a newer release, then testing if the problem still exists.

Support Through Affiliated Partners


Консультации, обучение по использованию lab128 для организации мониторинга и решении задач производительности БД Oracle на русском языке.
- по почте:
- skype: sergrey.shumeev1
- выезд к заказчику, по предварительной договоренности.
- при покупке лицензии первый выезд в пределах Москвы и Московской области - бесплатно.