Lab128 Screenshots.

Instance Main window

The Main window contains many links to other windows in the program.

Lab128 Main Window

Activity Explorer window

This window is a very powerful tool; it provides important information about Oracle waits, both at the instance level, and the individual SQL statement level. On this screenshot, the upper section shows waits and the average number of active sessions. The time period with high activity is selected. The middle section shows the breakdown of waits for the selected time period. The lower section shows waits data aggregated by SQL statement and sorted by Elapsed time. The box on the right shows the SQL text of the selected statement.

Lab128 Activity Explorer Window

Session Details window

Here is a screenshot of Session Details window with shown shortcuts / hot spots:

Lab128 Sessions Window

Instances Overview window

Below is a screenshot of Instances Overview window, which provides quick overview of the status of every connected Oracle instances:

Lab128 Instances Overview Window

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