Oracle Resources.

We would like to credit the authors of Oracle books that inspired development of Lab128 and mention web sites that have been a source of valuable information.



  • James Morle, Scaling Oracle 8i. This book is available for free download at;
  • Steve Adams, Oracle 8i Internal Services. If you need information about Oracle internals visit Steve Adam's web site;
  • Jonathan Lewis, Practical Oracle 8i and other books. Also visit web site for practical advices on Oracle high performance;
  • Cary Millsap with Jeff Holt, Optimizing Oracle Performance. Also visit for more information on Oracle Response time-tuning tecnique;
  • Thomas Kyte, Effective Oracle by Design. Look for other exellent books by Tom Kyte. Also you can spend hours reading Q&A at "Ask Tom" site;
  • Donald K. Burleson, Oracle9i High-Performance Tuning with STATSPACK;
  • K Gopalakrishnan, Oracle Database 10g Real Application Clusters Handbook.

Web sites

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