Lab128 Linux Version Installation

Here is an experimental version for Linux, thanks to Agustín Islas Vázquez for porting Lab128 to Linux Wine environment and assembling the package. No pre-installed Wine is needed, the package contains all files needed to run in 32- and 64-bit Linux.

Copy latest version of .tgz file into your account's home directory. Then extract files:

tar zxvf lab128-linux-xxx-oci.tgz

To run Lab128, execute:


On the first start Lab128 will ask permission to create Lab128 Working directory. This is where all settings will be stored. By default it will offer to create "lab128_workdir" directory in the user's home directory. For example, for user johns: "/home/johns/lab128_workdir"


When upgrading, you will need to replace lab128 directory, with the new content from lab128-XXX.tgz file. You working directory will remain intact, and all settings will be preserved during the upgrade.


To uninstall Lab128: delete both lab128 and lab128_workdir directories.

Enjoy! Please let us know if something can be improved.

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