There are a number of people I would like to thank for inspiring Lab128's development. These people are seasoned Oracle professionals who have spent a great deal of time using Lab128 and are constantly sharing thoughts and generating new ideas.

My special thanks to Sven Bleckwedel. From the early years of Lab128, Sven has been always around. Despite residing in the opposite hemisphere, I felt he constantly kept the dialog going. Sven gave me numerous, fresh ideas which were implemented in Lab128.

I am grateful to Jeff Price. The early versions of Lab128 had many rough spots in UI, so Jeff said: "I get the impression you're not a graphics guy." Well, I have to admit that. With Jeff's critical eye, Lab128 improved dramatically after many iterations. While it is still an ongoing process, I find Jeff's comments on usability and functionality to be very valuable.

I appreciate the help from Michael Zgursky for valuable advise and discussion on Lab128. Michael's sober look helped my high-flying thoughts be grounded in reality. Sometimes his high-flying thoughts prevented me from being stuck on the ground.

I would like to say thank you to Mariusz Mróz. Our short but very intense dialogue helped to improve the interaction with the Oracle server. Many of the suggestions from Mariusz turned into new features in Lab128.

Thanks to a number of people who helped with their valuable advice and comments: Alex Haas, Fred Habash, Allan Nelson, Aravind Sreedharan, Michael Zou and many others.

My thanks to my family for continuous support: son Arseney Romanenko who helped to create Lab128's documentation and this site; my wife Olga for great patience and backing up my passion.

Sergei Romanenko,
Principal Developer of Lab128

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