building block

New Building Block

Innovative Approach to Robotic Construction

U.S. Patent 9.194,125

Block's Highlights

The key feature of the new block is a triangle structure embedded into it. This provides following important properties:

3-block assembly
3-block assembly internals
Figure 1

Simple Construction, Improved Quality

The block has modifications such as corner blocks, blocks for doors and windows, and others. Similar to the toy set Lego®, only a small set of block forms is needed to erect complex buildings. A relatively small set of block forms reduces the architectural design cost and complexity of corresponding software.

assembly with beams
Figure 2

The new building block initially can be used for low-story buildings, such as individual houses, where mechanical load on bearing walls is relatively low. Houses built with the new block will improve existing houses in North America in following areas1:

Our Mission

Our mission is provide intellectual property by a partnering with a construction corporation interested in the technology of the 21st century. Also we are looking for the investors to promote this new and exciting invention.

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