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Improve Oracle Performance the Easy Way - Welcome to the World of Lab128

Who needs Lab128?

Anybody who needs insight into Oracle instance. What it is doing now or hours ago with precision of few seconds. This includes DBAs, Performance specialists, Database architects, Developers who need to see how their SQL is performing and where problems exist. Lab128 can be useful for someone studying Oracle and who wants to become a guru in Oracle performance.

Why do you need Lab128?

  • Very simple. It is a tool with unique functionality no other tools have. You will get new opportunities in maintaining Oracle and increased productivity.
  • More specifically it uses Frequent SQL Statistics Snapshots (FSSS) technique which is more productive and efficient than any other methods. FSSS has been implemented for the first time around 2006, since then it became refined and polished. Many dozens of production databases have been tuned and fixed. FSSS was outperforming ASH (Active Session History) in everyday troubleshooting. Overall, it is more precise, easier to understand and provides better information for actions. Yet, this technique remained generally unknown. This is going to change. Try it and you will see.
  • Having said good words about FSSS, we should mention ASH (Active Session History) which remains an important troubleshooting method. Lab128 implements its independent ASH collection (no licenses for diagnostic packs needed) and this data is combined with FSSS giving the best of both techniques. We give preference to FSSS, but there are things (session details, for example) which can be taken from ASH and complement FSSS. ASH is used throughout Lab128 to provide this extra data.
  • Lab128 has rich set of performance troubleshooting features. Some of them are more traditional, some are specialized, it is hard to present them all in introduction note. This product has been available for almost 10 years. It is used by large and small businesses in broad range of industries. Experience Lab128 firsthand, by trying it free until you make your mind.

You can get up and running in a few minutes by downloading the application, use Lab128 Download link. The trial version has the exact same set of features, limited only by time. Also there is a freeware version with a limited set of functions optimal for real-time monitoring and troubleshooting (see Free Downloads). As you grow with Lab128, we provide you with resources on Best Practices and practical advice on specific issues.

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